Solar Panels – Costs Vs Benefits

“How much a solar panel system can save for you?” That seems to be the paramount question that comes in the minds of majority customers as they delve into the fascinating world of going green. Here’s the good news – the majority of homeowners find that, regardless of how much they pay initially, they can cut down their electricity bill and dependency on their utility company by installing solar panels on their property.

Solar energy has hit the mainstream. Once limited to riches, solar panels are less expensive than ever and are saving huge amounts of money every year. As a result, solar has a fast-growing appeal among masses.

And if you are considering making the solar switch, how much will you pay for the equipment? And is it really worth to spend such an expenditure on solar energy? Let’s learn about the power of solar energy and the costs of installing solar panels at your home or office.

The Power of Solar Energy

You may not pay much attention to the sun in your everyday life, only considering it when it is gotten too hot, or when you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from heavy sunrays. But while the sun may not play a major role in your daily life today, it certainly has the power to fuel your lifestyle tomorrow. The sun has the potential to generate significant amounts of energy for your property — and the entire world.

1. Even cloudy locations receive more than two hours of sunlight per day: Cloudy locations receive an average of 2.5 hours per day of sunlight, while sunny locations receive an average of 5.5 hours of sunlight per day – which is a good number.

2. Solar panels work even on a cloudy day: While sunny days generate more solar energy, solar panels continue to produce energy even when the weather is cloudy. Indirect, or diffused sunlight still helps to power your property.

3. Power source from batteries: When combined with an combined battery, solar energy systems provide electricity even when it’s dark outside, potentially offering round-the-clock power for your property.

4. Thousands watts of energy from sun: The sun gives off about 1,000 watts of energy at each per square meter of the Earth’s surface.

5. Solar power is a reliable energy system: When electrical grids and power plants fail, thousands of homes or offices can be left without power. In severe natural disasters, properties are left powerless for several days, even months. But solar power systems are modular, meaning they are spread out over a large geographical area and are composed of plentiful solar arrays. If some of the systems are not working, the rest of the systems can continue to generate power.

The Financial Benefits of Solar Panels-

Solar power systems have financial benefits that materialise in the long run. There are initial set-up costs of a solar power system, but it is worth looking at the upfront expenditure as an investment, as there are many open-ended benefits for owners that make up for the initial cost.

The first one is pretty obvious: as you produce your own energy, you use less from the grid and you save on your power bills. The second is that when your panels generate more electricity than your household requires, the excess electricity can be sold back to the grid.

In the long term, solar panels can be a real estate selling point and potentially add market value to your property.

The Many Benefits-

Here are some benefits that you will gain by investing in a solar panel system:

• Protection from continuously rising energy prices

• Reduction in your electricity bills

• Reduced upfront cost due to solar rebates

• Significant financial investment returns

• Contributing to the green environment by cutting your carbon footprint

• Increase in the value of your property

Many wonder as to how solar panels help them save money…

How Solar Panels Save Money?

After the initial solar panel installation, there are no added fuel supply fees. Since your energy provider is the eternal sun, you are necessarily conserving rays of free energy. On top of panels that provide electricity to your building, solar water heaters and solar pool heaters are also available, bringing you additional money-saving benefits.

Installing A Solar Panel System – A Daunting Task!

Deciding whether to install a PV solar system may seem like a daunting task, but it is essential to remember that such a system is a long-term investment. In many areas, solar power is an excellent pick when it comes to financial savings. Even if the cost of solar power is marginally more expensive than conventional electricity, homeowners may wish to install solar power to avoid future possible fluctuations in energy costs, or may simply wish to look beyond their personal financial motivations and use solar for “green” living. Let the sun shine!

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